Appeal by Themis Judges Association on the situation of judges and prosecutors in Afghanistan

Themis Judges Association joins the Appeal of Romanian judges on judges and prosecutors in Afghanistan.

Polish judges are showing their full solidarity and unconditional support for our colleagues, judges and prosecutors in Afghanistan, who are being targeted by the current political regime in that country.

Dozens of judges and other members of the judiciary have been killed and injured over the past 10 years. There was also a purge of the judiciary for political and religious reasons during the previous Taliban regime.

In a brief interview with the Romanian Judges Forum, an Afghan judge expressed serious concerns that after the fall of the government, Afghan judges (and especially women judges) will be killed without any further trials to establish their guilt, as they are already wanted in their homes.

Faced with such an unimaginable situation, the international community cannot remain indifferent.

In addition to international pressure on the newly established regime to respect human rights, it is necessary to immediately open all forms of humanitarian aid, which is absolutely essential for the people affected.

To this end, we call on the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to grant humanitarian visas to all Afghan judges and prosecutors and their loved ones whose lives are in danger.

At the same time, Polish judges declare all assistance on the territory of the Republic of Poland in order to ensure decent conditions of stay for these persons.